Meet The Family.


Since 2000 Dreamcraft Homes has been building homes the right way and with your family in mind. At Dreamcraft we believe in a lot of things but one sentence rings true to us over and over again - A custom home isn’t what Dreamcraft believes to be custom, it’s what you believe to be custom. 

Dreamcraft Homes is built on family and it's in our name. When our fearless leader, Milt, was thinking of a name for his new company that would encapsulate all he believed in,  he looked no further than his own family. David, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Abbigayle, Matthew, Claire. The letters that are highlighted spell "DREAMC" so the rest was easy.  Dreamcraft Homes was born. We must acknowledge that name covers six out of seven children and Sarah was left out of the name. But hey, what are you going to do when you have seven children? 

You might be asking, what is the "right way" to build a home? Well, that would be a very fair question. Let us explain. When setting out to build a custom home, Dreamcraft is constantly keeping the customer in the forefront. It's the questions we ask before we start the home that create a collaborative approach to building. How can our customers save money on utilities? How can we make this home a home for the rest of their lives and beyond? Where in the home will the memories be created? What is in the best interest of the customer?  What are your absolute must haves in your home? Collaborating in the beginning only makes the journey to your Dream home that much sweeter and creates a greater sense of pride and accomplishment. 

Dreamcraft Homes is a 100% custom home builder and major renovation company. If you can dream it we can do it! Get in touch with us today and join the family.