Laying the foundation...

So much work goes into a families home before we get to this point. Literally laying the foundation for their family to make memories in their home for years and years to come. To most this may seem like it's just the beginning of the process but we've been working with this family for months to perfect their design and to make sure we bring their vision to life the way they've dreamt it. We can't wait to show them the finished product but for them, this is a major milestone in seeing their vision come to fruition.

What you see here are the footers being poured for the foundation walls to rest on. This is one of the most important parts of the construction process and requires multiple inspections along the way. Our guys were out there working for two days to simply prep to get ready to pour the footers and once they're ready, it takes FOUR trucks full of concrete to pour the footers. It's a pretty incredible process and as you can see from the video, these guys have it down to a science!