Is There a Bad Time of the Year to Begin New Home Construction?

During the summer months, construction for new homes becomes frequent throughout communities across America. The summer weather yields to ideal construction conditions. However, a common misconception in the home building industry is that breaking ground for a new home cannot, and should not, begin during the winter months. This is a question that I myself, Dreamcraft’s summer intern, had within the first couple of weeks working with the company.

I began to think that new home construction could only happen during the warmer spring, summer, and fall seasons. However, the matter of the fact is that winter does not have dramatic affects on new home construction.

Why you ask? For starters, if a customer has acquired a lot in October they are not going to wait to begin construction until the spring time. The cost of waiting is expensive and unnecessary in most cases. As long as the ground is not frozen solid, construction can begin and luckily Maryland does not reach cold enough temperatures long enough to create frequent halts in construction.

However, there are some factors to take into consideration. For instance, daylight hours are shortened and crew members must wear more layers of clothing which can perhaps slow down physical labor.

Nonetheless, Dreamcraft aims to have the home under roof before the winter reaches its harshest point. With the exterior being well underway, we can focus on other areas of construction without the looming pressure of potentially limiting weather. This ensures homes are able to be built in a timely fashion regardless of the season.