Why the Details Matter

Whether it’s the interior or the exterior of your home, the details can make a significant difference. Dreamcraft Homes makes it simple for the details to be curated for you and your needs while creating uniqueness within your home. What you consider to be custom is what matters… not what we consider to be custom.

Paying attention to details in your home is imperative when it comes to functionality and effective utilization of your space. At Dreamcraft we advise our customers to measure the size of the rooms in the current homes they live in. For example, you want to have more space in your master bedroom for a lounge area in your new home. Measuring the size of your current bedroom and adding extra space to those dimensions ensures the details that matter to you will be included in your custom home. Finding out what size works for you and your necessities is critical. Educating yourself prior to choosing the features you want ensures a smooth process that yields a result that both parties are proud of.

Also, adding details enhances the overall value of your home. Custom or higher quality trim work can elevate the space while tying together other elements within the home. Other details like custom lighting throughout the home, bathroom fixtures, high quality doors, and hardware, increases the value of the home when put on the market in the future.

Your lifestyle is what makes your home custom. Dreamcraft becomes the catalyst for the home but the collaboration between the two parties is what makes the home unique.