Benefits of Solar Powered Energy

Solar rooftop panels have increased in popularity within the last couple of years largely due to the fact that the price of clean energy has fallen. It has become more of a reasonable option for households to make the switch. The following are five reasons why solar panels are a beneficial option for homes all across America.

Clean Renewable Energy- Solar panels are a 100% clean and renewable source of energy which eliminates the reliance on fossil fuels like natural gas, coal, and oil. Solar energy produces no pollution and there is an unlimited source of energy being obtained from the sun. The panels will not harm the ozone layer but will only help to protect the environment.

Control Over Electricity – Solar panels give home owners the ability to control their electricity because the panels can store a large amount of electricity. For example, your energy is powered by the panels during the day and power by the stored energy at night. If there is an issue occurring for a high demand for electricity like during the summer, homes with solar panels will not experience a lack of electricity.  

Saves Money- Utility bills are increasing every year and installing solar panels can reduce your electric bill dramatically. The sun admits energy on sunny days, cloudy days, and even cold days and therefore rooftop panels store energy year round. Some solar panels even have the possibility to generate more electricity than your home needs. In those cases, your electricity bill can cost you nothing!

Tax Breaks- There are federal, state, and local tax breaks available for households with installed solar rooftop panels. As of 2016, you can claim 30% of the cost of installing panels in your home. This incentive helps reduce the cost of installation and qualifies home owners for tax breaks. In addition, homes with solar-energy systems sold 4.1% more on average than a home without installed energy systems, according to Zillow.

Inexpensive- The cost to install solar panels has decreased throughout the years. In fact, the cost has fallen more than 70% in the last decade. In addition, the cost of home solar batteries has also decreased. Lastly, the cost of maintenance for panels is inexpensive as well.