You Make a Home Custom

It’s not what we think is custom, it’s what YOU think is custom. That is what building a custom home with Dreamcraft is all about. When looking to settle into a new place it is important to keep in mind the idea of designing your own home from scratch. The possibilities are endless when partnering with a custom builder. You are able to design a completely unique space that is functional for you and your family.

One of the biggest customizable changes in your home is the size of rooms. For example, you have a big extended family and you want to ensure that everyone will fit around the dinner table. You can choose the size of your dining space to comfortably fit the whole family.

Also, the layout of your new home can be constructed to meet your specific needs when partnering with Dreamcraft. Whether you want an open concept home or a compartmentalized layout, your design preferences will always be the top priority.

The details within your space are what make your house a home. One of our past blog posts discusses the importance, and the fun, that comes with adding personalized details to your home. Don’t forget to read that post to learn even more about custom home details!

Flooring and cabinetry throughout your home that seamlessly match with your aesthetic are only obtainable through custom home building. Choose any color, layout, design, or brand and Dreamcraft will install them for you.

Even features like the HVAC and electrical layout of the home are valued within our custom home building process. We create a plan with our sub-contractors to create a layout that best works for you. Whether it is dual shower heads, ceiling fans, tubs versus stand up showers, or recessed lighting, the work will be completed to your liking.

Buying a new home from a national builder leaves very little room for changes. A “one-of-a-kind” spec home might be entirely unique, but it is not built with your specific needs in mind. Just because you have never seen the house before, does not mean it is custom. At Dreamcraft we consider ourselves to be “true custom builders” because the exclusive features are built just for you. No one else.